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Hi5 Social Network

Here is a brief summary for those interested in hi5.

hi5 Overall

hi5 began in 2002, launched in late 2003, and has about 98 million members. It provides a social network service for those who share common activities and interests and who may like to explore the various activities and interests that other people have.

It targets the teens and twenties demographic. Many fans of R&B and HipHop are users of the site.

hi5 continues to be a popular site and has recently been one of the top 25 websites visited on the internet. Other popular social networking sites include Myspace, Bebo, Facebook, and Friendster.

hi5 Profiles

To use hi5, it is necessary to create a profile similar to most other social networks. The profile displays information such as one's hometown, age, gender, a profile picture, and interests. You can also upload pictures, put together photo albums, include a music player, and post comments. You can have your profile set so anyone in the whole system can see it, or just for those in your network.

The profile pages can be customized. Background colors ande fonts can be selected, links and text edited, and a background image added. HTML code can be edited allowing insertion of videos from various sources such as Google Video and YouTube, and insertion of slideshows (Rockyou) and images (Photobucket). Friends can be imported from email accounts like AOL Mail, Yahoo! Mail, and Hotmail.

It is not practicable to verify ages but it is specified that users should be over the age of 13.

Emails and Network

Emails can be used to send friend requests to other users. The recipient of a friend request can refuse the request or accept it or even block the sender completely. If a user accepts a friend request, a direct connection between the two is established. This is known as a first degree connection. Each person will then be seen on the other's friend list.

A network of friends has three divisions, direct friends that you have established (first degree), then friends of your direct friends (second degree) and then friends of the friends of your direct friends (third degree).

Other things you can do:

If you have created a hi5 account and want to cancel it, select "Cancel My Account" at the bottom of your Account page.

If someone posts an entry in Comments that you don't like, select "Delete This Entry" and it's gone forever.

If you add someone unintentionally to the "Friends" list, just use the trash can.

Pay careful attention to the tool icons. For example, you may intend to email only to those in your address book, but you end up emailing to everyone in your personal and business network by using "Invite All". It's too late once it's done.

Advertising on hi5

Using profiles and IP addresses, demographic advertising can be focused on particular audiences anywhere in the world. There are many advertising products including custom sponsorships, text ads and banners, and diverse media placements.

There are over 25 milllion users each month. Over 75 million have opened accounts around the world. With this worldwide exposure, hi5 is a platform that can be used by regional, national, and global advertisers.

hi5 is best known in Central America but is also string isn such diversa locations as Cyprus, Nepal, Portugal, Romania, and Tunisia. It faces its greatest competition in Asia.

hi-5 Developer Platform

Since FaceBook launched its new platform there has been a huge increase in the number of users as well as many applications from developers looking to make some money. Following their lead, competing social networks like LinkedIn, Bebo, and MySpace are planning on development platforms also.

Now hi5 may do the same. At the CommunityNext conference, representatives of hi5 announced the intention to that although it may take twelve months for any such thing to be available for developers to use. Hi5 revealed an API in August 2007 but with a limited selection and it did not get much attention.Perhaps this platform will be what it takes to boost hi5 growth.

As of early 2008 executives are asking for input from 3rd party developers and users as to how to structure the platform. The widget gallery is mostly from RockYou and Slide for users to enhance profiles with special effects and custom slide shows.

The difference in how users employ the network may make a significant difference in what type of applications are developed. An application designed to help users locate others from their original hometowns who are now living in their new environs is a likely one, for example, because hi5 is popular for aiding immigrants in finding long-lost acquaintances and relatives in the old country.


In July 2007, hi5 announced that it had a commitment for venture capital of $20 million. The company has been profitable in the last 2 years but this additional capital will allow the network to increase services and get more market share in areas where it does not have many users relative to the other social networks.

MDV-Mohr Davidow Ventures which arranged the funding is based in Silicon Valley and looks for young companies in life sciences, cleantech and the internet. It describes its interests as Powering the Planet; Driving the Digital World; and Personalizing Medicine. It has under management over $1.4 billion. Companies already financed include Nanosolar, Shutterfly, Pivotal Technologies (BRCM), FormFactor, Energy Innovations, Revenue Science, ParAllele (AFFX), Agile, NeuroMolecular Pharmaceuticals, Kalpana (CSCO), Ipsilon Networks (NOK), Epigram (BRCM), Brocade,

The track record of past growth and profitability made hi5 attractive to the venture capital firm. They were also impressed by the energetic and talented team running hi5 and the prospects in the marketplace for future growth.